HOPP is an explosive artist. From his spit fire delivery to his intricate lyricism, HOPP is a new wave kind of artist. Born in Los Angeles, CA HOPP has traveled the world expressing his lyrical message of hope and positivity. At the age of 10, HOPP burst into the acting scene with guest starring roles on "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", "All That" and in his teens "Nip-Tuck". As his acting career began to grow HOPP began to lean more into the musical aspect of things. “Music became me, it was (is) my life”.

HOPP has written for several recording artists as well as networks such as "VH1", "Freeform", "ABC Family" and "Disney". He has also opened up for Grammy award winning artists from around the world. HOPP is more than a poetic rapper, he is an artist. An artist with a vision to inspire anyone who dares to dream and for those who believe there is more to life. 

Take a listen, I dare you.